Carpathian Mountains – Europe’s Last ” Wild Garden”

Without having the fame of the Alps or the spectacular altitude of the Himalayas, the Carpathian Mountains are an unforgettable sight where the adventurous travelers will want to explore beyond the artistic city of Bucharest to discover the soul of the country.

While there is plenty of culture to be found in the cities, escaping to the countryside and the mountains is sure to deliver a well rounded experience of Romania. Therefore, the Carpathians in Romania are also sometimes called the Transylvanian Alps.

The most popular resorts in Romania are SinaiaAzugaBusteniPredeal and Poiana Brasov.

Outdoor experiences:

Romania’s diverse natural landscapes offer numerous choices for exciting outdoor experiences. Travelers can walk through serene alpine meadows covered with scores of wildflowers, trek around glacial lakes, take in the lush-green scenery while horse riding or mountain biking, climb curious rock formations, photograph fossil traces of 15,000-year old cave-bear species, track gold eagles or other rare birds, study endangered flora, wander in the countryside, picnic in the fields, try your hand at traditional crafts, – or just relax in the home of a village family and sample wholesome, country fare with home made wine and plum brandy.

Nature has been generous with the land of Romania, characterized by variety, proportion and harmony. So you can walk or climb just about anywhere you like, both during winter and summer time, as well as in spring or autumn. The Carpathians can be a great experience. And let’s not forget about the large range of opportunities for hiking, mountain climbing and winter sports or about the natural therapeutical conditions or the coziness offered by the resorts which lie on this itinerary. You can also go river rafting, trekking, hiking, and cycling.

Besides seeing new terrain and maybe even hiring a knowledgeable local guide, this trip can be planned and executed at a much lower price than exploring the Alps of Italy and France. Adventurous travelers who are looking for a new and savvy way to get their outdoor buzz for a fraction of the cost should strongly consider the Carpathians in Romania.

Unique features of the Romanian Carpathian’s Garden:

  • The Carpathian Mountains are home to one of the largest undisturbed forests in Europe.
  • 60% of European brown bear population lives in the Carpathian Mountains and 400 unique species of mammals, including the Carpathian chamois.
  • You can witness extremely scenic landscapes that include gorges and defiles, caves (over 12,000), glaciar lakes, megalithic stones and waterfalls.
  • The flora of the Carpathians includes 1350 species, among which 116 are endemic.
  • The fauna of the Romanian Carpathians is extremely rich and varied (there are numerous and various species of insects that can be seen everywhere. On the blooming alpine lawns, one’s attention is drawn by many butterflies and all sorts of beetles.  In the forest area, up to the alpine zone, live the lizards. In the beech forest live around 100 species of birds; in the common spruce forest around 40 others; and in the superior areas 13 more species. You can also see the titmouse, the woodpecker, or the gray owl. Birds are loyal guests of Romania’s sky. Try to look for the plover, the longeared-lark, the common creeper and the rock-eagle. Most of the mammals living in the Romanian Carpathians can be found in the forests: the Carpathian stag, the brown bear, the lynx, the weasel, the squirrel, the fox and so on. The rocky areas constitute the kingdom of the chamois, where the mountain salamander lives as well).